Monday, May 09 2016
Vanities Etc. show room is joined to its sister store Discount Tile Outlet, We are the originators of the “Square Foot program” No more, being forced to purchase huge slabs of countertops. Vanities Etc. has taken away the headache and hassle…  of being oversold. We are by the foot, and buy only what you need!

At VANITIES etc. we make your kitchen remodel design and bathroom remodel process smooth, strait forward and uncomplicated. VANITIES Etc. also has ready-made options that can transfer across varying design styles. Our staff can help you navigate through the complete process and accomplish the precise look and feel you’re after.

Improving your quality of living and raising the value of one of your most important assets has become incredibly manageable and streamlined these days. Kitchen Countertops Seattle & Bellevue is our specialty.
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